Saldula opacula

A very local species (Nationally Scarce) with a varied habitat, occurring in saltmarshes, lowland fens and the shores of high altitude pools and lakes. S. opacula appears to have increased its range recently, especially into brownfield and other secondary sites


The map is based on records from NBN Gateway, with yellow dots showing pre 1990 records, reds dots 1990 – 2015 records and red on yellow dots overlapping records. The species occurs in north and west Ireland.

The identification of this species requires care as it can be confused with other Saldula spp, especially a form of the common S. saltatoria. Saldula opacula has, more or less, entirely pale fore tibia (there may be dark marks at either end and a faint central streak), a uninterrupted pale amber margin to the corium, and a white arc across the face between the eyes (see illustrations).  The length of S. opacula is 3.5 – 4.5 mm. 

saldula-opacula-head            saldula-opacula-fore-tibia                      saldula-opacula-wing-1

Head showing white arc between eyes                                               Fore tibia                                                          Corium with pale margin