Information sources
Much of the information on the ecology of the species described in this section is taken from Southwood & Leston (1959) and Savage (1989). Information on identification is mainly from Nau (2007) and Savage (op. cit.). References to other publications used are given on the appropriate species pages.

Distribution maps for each species were constructed in DMAP with records downloaded from NBN Gateway, many of which have been collated and passed on by the Aquatic Heteroptera Recording Scheme. For some of the rarer species records are shown that are not yet on Gateway and in some cases records have been deleted when found to be due to misidentification. Each dot represents one or more records for a species in an area of 10 square kilometers and different sized dots are used for different time periods to display overlapping records. Information on Ireland has been taken from Biodiversity Ireland ( All photos were taken by Tony Cook.

Nau B.S. (2007) Keys to Aquatic and Semi-aquatic Heteroptera. Unpublished
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